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Bay State Perennial Farm is known for its wide selection of perennials. Plants are listed alphabetically by their latin names and can be located by clicking on the first letter of the plant name in the alphabet above.

Achillea Moon Dust & Verb bon 600

Achillea ‘Moon Dust’ with Verbena bonariensis ‘Lollipop’

Baptisia australis     (Blue False Indigo) Showy indigo-blue flowers carried on tapering spikes up to a foot long. Spikes are held above the dense, mounds of blue/green leaves. Large black seed pods follow the flowers and remain decorative into early winter, overall height is around 4’ tall. Tolerant of a wide range of soil types and moisture levels, except overly wet, soggy places. For sun to part shade. Deer resistant, attracts butterflies. A beautiful, easy to please, long-lived perennial that looks great as a specimen or combined with just about anything! Zone 4.

Baptisia ‘Blue Towers’New     Enormous flower spikes up to 20” long ringed with, more vibrant, periwinkle/lavender-blue flowers, carried well above the upright, narrow, vase-shaped clumps of glaucous green foliage for an overall height of 3’. Place in full sun for best flowering and sturdier stems and, while plants tolerate poor soil, they prefer, and will perform better in rich and reasonably moist sites. Attracts butterflies, deer resistant, flowers cut well and pods are nice for drying, cultivar of a native species. Zone 4.

    DECADENCE® Blueberry Sundae New   More vibrant, indigo blue flowers and a shorter, well-branched habit sets this variety apart form B. australis. Plants have a compact, upright form and attractive blue-green foliage. 3’ tall, blooms late spring-early summer. Attracts butterflies, deer resistant.

    DECADENCE® Cherries Jubilee New    Very different maroon and yellow flowers are carried on strong scapes above densely branched, blue/green foliage Flowers age to gold. Flower stems have the added feature of producing secondary branching, making this variety especially showy. 2’-3’ tall, blooms late spring-early summer. Attracts butterflies, deer resistant.

    DECADENCE® Dutch Chocolate New     Rich, velvety chocolate/purple flowers are held on upright stems above densely compact, deep blue-green foliage. Foliage starts lower on the stems, covering the base. 2’-3’ tall, blooms late spring-early summer. Best in full sun with good, reasonably moist soil. Baptisia are substantial plants with an almost shrub-like appearance. Uses include accent and specimen, grouping for dramatic impact, mixed perennial borders and, even seasonal hedging. Attracts butterflies, deer resistant.

    DECADENCE® Lemon Meringue     Impressive vigor compared to other yellow Baptisia. Forms an upright, mound of attractive blue-green foliage topped with long, charcoal stems carrying charcoal buds and lemon yellow flowers. Attractive seed pods in fall. 3ft. tall. Zone 3. Earned the Colorado State University “Top Performer” award and selected as the Int’l Hardy Plant Union Perennial of 2012. 

    DECADENCE® Vanilla Cream New    Forms a short, compact, very well-branched clump of grey-green foliage which emerges a beautiful shade of bronze in spring. 10” spikes of pastel yellow buds open to creamy vanilla flowers followed by attractive seed pods in fall. Plants abide poor, droughty conditions but they thrive in rich, evenly moist locations. Attracts butterflies, deer resistant.

Baptisia Midnight Prairieblues 175

Baptisia x ‘Midnight Prairieblues’    'Midnight Prairieblues' brings something entirely new to the Baptisia world in the form of, not one, but two overlapping bloom cycles. As usual, deep violet flower spikes are produced at the top of tall, 3-4' vase-shaped clumps, in June. What's unique about this cultivar is the simultaneous development of shorter, secondary blooming stems that lengthen the bloom period by up to a month. Long lived and drought tolerant, once established, practically indestructable! Full sun to light shade,(stems will flop in too much shade), average, well drained soil. Baptisias form substantial clumps that require little fussing over. In time, they may be divided but the decision to do so should not be taken lightly as the crowns become massive and their division requires a mornings' worth of sweat equity. Zone 4.

Baptisia x variicolor Twilite Prairieblues

Baptisia x Twilight Prairie Blues™     This new baptisia was developed and introduced by the Chicago Botanic Garden. Plants exhibit hybrid vigor and by the third year can be expected to produce upwards of 100 flower spikes of unique, deep, violet- purple flowers highlighted by a lemon-yellow keel. Spikes can be up to 32ins. long, bringing the total plant height to 4 or 5ft. Best form and flowering is achieve in full sun, in well drained soil. Zone 4.

Belamcanda chinensis     We use the blackberry lily in the center of island beds and at the back of long borders where its iris-like leaves contrast nicely with surrounding foliage and its 2in. wide, bright orange, flowers delicately arrayed on 4-5 foot stalks  establish a bold presence while, at the same time, maintaining a light, airy demeanor. The shiny black fruits that follow the flowers are attractive in the garden and in arrangements. Zone 4. FullSun-s Drip Drip2 Attracts Butterflies scissors

    chinensis ‘Freckle face’ New    2” wide, showy orange blossoms with heavy red speckling and shading are produced atop clumps of green, iris-like foliage. Blooms July-August, providing much appreciated color in mid to late summer. 18” tall. Tan, pear-shaped seed pods bust open to reveal clusters of black, decorative seeds in fall. Resistant to leaf spot, drought tolerant, attracts butterflies, good for cutting. Zone 4.

    chinensis ‘Hello Yello’ New    Yellow flowered form of the native species with the same ornamental, pea-sized, black seeds on branched scapes that are great for cutting. Blooms July-August. 18” tall. Attracts butterflies. We’ve combined it with Imperata k. ‘Red Baron’ and Caryopteris, (Blue-mist shrub), for late summer effect. Zone 4.

Boltonia asteroides var. latisquama ‘Jim Crockett’    A dwarf form developed by Dr. Thomas Boyle of the University of Massachusetts and named in honor of Jim Crockett, former host of the Victory Garden television show. Plants grow to 20ins. and produce masses of mauve-pink daisies July through late September. Attractive blue/green, milldew resistent foliage. Flowers are a bit smaller than those of Aster x frikartii,but the color is close, and the bloom period equally long. An attractive but underused border perennial that shows a steady supply of flowers from the middle to the end of the season, over dark green and clean foliage, pest free. Tolerant of a range of soil types from dryish to moist but will perform best in sun with average or better soil that remains reasonably moist but well-drained. 18-24" tall. Zone 3..

Boltonia a Spring Beauty

Boltonia asteroides ‘Pink Beauty’    Clear pink, half dollar size flowers on 5-6’ stems, Aug-Sept. Can be kept lower by pinching back in June.  The tall, airy stems carrying abundant blooms and make nice late season filler plants at the back of the sunny border. The delicate stems benefit from the support gained from being planted tightly among other sturdier plants. Best bloom in sun.  Especially valuable for their late season bloom. Zone 3

Boltonia asteroides ‘Snowbank’     Tall, billowy clumps to 4-5’ tall with masses of 1” wide, white daisy-like flowers in late summer-fall. Sturdier than variety ‘Pink Beauty’ which should be staked, ‘Snowbank’ stands tall at the back of the sunny border lending vertical contrast and late season color. Attracts butterflies, is deer resistant and is a good cut flower. Zone 3. 

Brunnera macrophylla (Siberian Bugloss)    Sprays of Forget-me-not, bright blue flowers in spring, over large, heart-shaped, cupped and corrugated leaves that are perfectly layered one on top of the other to form a symmetrical mound that remains attractive all season long. Prefers evenly moist soil in part to full shate. Zone 3.

    ‘Hadspen Cream’     A delicate cream border traces the edges of deep green, heart-shaped leaves. Sprays of blue forget-me-not flowers bloom in spring. To 12".

Brunnera 'Jack Frost'

'Jack Frost'    A gorgeous sport of B. 'Langtrees', displaying leaves with a frosty silver overlay and light green venation, resembling cracked porcelain. Sprays of tiny blue flowers in spring are a nice bonus on this fantastic foliage plant.

    ‘Looking Glass’     A selection of B. 'Jack Frost' with leaves that become entirely silvered. In spring, sprays of blue, forget-me-not flowers are displayed over the foliage. All Brunnera are valuable shade ornamentals, prized for both foliage and flower, and now, with 'Looking Glass', gardeners have a new antidote for the dreaded "greening" of the shade garden. Zone 3.

    ‘Silver Heat’   Distinct form all other Brunnera with its extra thick-textured leaves, lightly washed with a silver overlay and accented with dark green margins and veining. Holds up to the elements without scorching, even tolerating full sun in the north if the soil is consistently moist. Vies with the best of the current crowd of fancy leafed brunnera for good looks, and out does them for resistance to disease, slugs and scorching. Prefers part shade with reasonable moisture. 

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